Kudos to Ghana for credible elections, congratulations to President elect Nana Akuffo Addo for emerging victorious and President John Mahama for conceding. I must add that before now, I had never seen impassioned Ghanaian youth about a common cause like exhibited in the recent elections.

Indeed, nothing can assuage the collective power of the people.

This however was abused by some few putting them in a political stupor for uncouth behaviour offline and online, that must change.

We must organise especially as youth to make our democracies inclusive, participatory and increasingly transparent and accountable by claiming our rights in order to develop.

Remember, to think that development is the sole duty of government is quite flawed. I followed closely the great work done by mainstream media, social media and civil society, I recommend an even congenial environment for the interaction of such with government.


God Bless Ghana.