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Story Of My Boots

My boots are from Mom they've been to church, heard prayers and been a mediator for other shoes. My pair of boots has been compared to others, received praise and clamped with pride by the lace. At one point in... Continue Reading →



“Love gives no room for selfishness;
She stands grounded in her place,
Unshaken by none.”

Love is the Ultimate!



Yaw yi tumi ma mete si abͻnten,

Na menenam rehwehwε fie kwan.

Ɛtͻ da a, mehua εho mpopoeε

Na mekͻn adͻ sε mεtene mensa asͻ mu;

Ɛbia na atwe me akͻ ͻhomeε mu.

Nanso ͻdͻ wͻ ahoͻden bi a

Ꜫboro me nteaseε so.

Ɔdͻ mma pεsεmenkomenya ho kwan;

Ɔgyina hͻ pintinn wͻ ne dabrε a

Hwee mpusu no,

Na me ne hwan na mahyε ne so?

Agye ͻno ara atwa n’ani abεhwε

Me a meretee so yi, na waka sε;

“Ah, ͻdͻ nso yε owuo”

Nti mεma neho kwan

Na mahwε deε ͻde me rekͻ

Ɛbia na deε εkyerε sε woasi

Fie kwan so no yε ͻyaw yi

A agye honam yi afa yi

Ɛfiri sε nokware no ne sε,

Ahomegyeε pono anim no,

Yεdane dͻteε.

This pain has me out roaming

 In frantic search of the way home

And sometimes I smell it near

And yearn to reach out…

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We live in a world where humility  is often mistaken for stupidity nevertheless i persist in humility for i am born to serve humanity


  We are the piercing voice from burdened necks toiling the land in strange seasons Our lead-us who beat us have asked us not to cry In saying sorry they have ridiculed our rather radical nature We forget too soon, so... Continue Reading →


The harmattan was unfriendly, it had rendered the heels of the peasant farmers severely calloused and the breath of the gold miners awful -- those men who drew inspiration from the calabashes of Maame Sarfowaa by sitting under her shed... Continue Reading →


Let us discover the unity in our diversity because we are people with a shared destiny, let us live in peace and harmony so we can with one voice tell our story, that we made this decision to stay committed to... Continue Reading →


Tell those of ill will that their avarice would come to nought, tell them we don't surrender so we took back the trust they got, remind them we're one ancient tribe, if they fail to change they'd chail to fange... Continue Reading →


We join hands in making supplicationsAwaiting the interposition of providence They join hands and tickle us with promises And yet trombone their minute successesThe sordid subjection of our souls cancered with disappointments to the whips of men we've known-products of the loins of the... Continue Reading →


In the midst of strife and adversity let us dwell together in the arms of love when we cling to the virtue charity then we can tolerate the differences we have for time and again wise men are proving in... Continue Reading →

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